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Friday, February 10, 2017
 Automated Business Solutions has released a new appointment reminder system that is fully integrated with their PtMS Mobile scheduling software.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
 GATRA teamed up with ABS to develop Ride Match, a web based tool that provides access to information about transportation options for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and anyone needing to travel in Massachusetts and beyond.

Sunday, January 15, 2017
 PtMS Mobile can now connect PtMS dispatch, scheduling and billing functions to mobile Android phones or tablet devices in the vehicles.

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Adding Trips to Schedules, Optimizing Schedules, and Route Mapping with the PtMS Interactive Scheduler
PtMSIS is the PtMS Interactive Scheduler designed to schedule one trip at a time
by determining the best vehicle options among all available vehicles.

PtMSIS applications include:  

  • Scheduling last minute trips before finalizing a schedule
  • Assisting dispatchers with assignment of unscheduled returns to vehicles
  • Reviewing exsiting standing order schedules and optimizing routes
  • Mapping schedules for review

How to Schedule with PtMSIS

When the PTMSIS user clicks on a trip, it is instantly scheduled on all the vehicles. The user sees the vehicle choices ranked (and color coded) from best to worst.

By clicking on a vehicle choice the users sees the trip to be scheduled temporarily inserted into the vehicles schedule on a "trial" basis. This way they can see the impact of scheduling that trip on the other trips in the vehicle's schedule. The user right clicks on the vehicle of choice, selects assign trip from the drop menu and the trip is assigned to the vehicle.

Optimizing Schedules with PtMSIS

PtMSIS can optimize exsting schedules by determining if pickup/drop-off order fo an exsiting schedule is optimal. Optimal is defined as the vehicle traveling the lowest number of miles possible while still maintaining on-time performance. Users can select part or all of a schedule to display the routine on the map.

Route Mapping





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