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Friday, February 10, 2017
 Automated Business Solutions has released a new appointment reminder system that is fully integrated with their PtMS Mobile scheduling software.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
 GATRA teamed up with ABS to develop Ride Match, a web based tool that provides access to information about transportation options for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and anyone needing to travel in Massachusetts and beyond.

Sunday, January 15, 2017
 PtMS Mobile can now connect PtMS dispatch, scheduling and billing functions to mobile Android phones or tablet devices in the vehicles.

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Print Maps with Streets

(excerpt from Streets on a Disk Manual, copyright (C) 2005-2009 Klynas Enginerring)

With Streets On A Disk, any map image that you can display, you can print. Also, most of the search results, help information, and other text can be printed using a text editor.


If you want to print a map that is a different shape, you can use your mouse to reshape the Streets On A Disk map display window.

To produce a large wall map, you can use the SCROLL arrows to shift the map up, down, left, and right exactly one screen. The scroll arrows can be set to move exactly one screen in any direction. This allows you to accurately paste several map printouts together.

Most printer menus have check boxes to let you choose portrait" or "landscape". If "portrait" is selected the map will usually only cover the top half of the page. If you want the map to cover the whole page, choose "landscape". Sometimes dragging the map window to closer match the shape of the paper will help produce a larger map image.

Steps To Take

Step 1: Z
oom and scroll the map to the area of interest. Streets On A Disk always prints exactly the same area of the map that you see on the screen.

Special Tip: If you need a map that is tall and narrow or short and wide, you can use your mouse to resize the Streets On A Disk window before printing. As in most Windows programs, you have control over the size and shape of each application window.  

Step 2: Use the OPTIONS menus to customize the map features as desired. For example you can go to the OPTIONS menus to adjust the size, color, range, etc... of any category of streets, points, or boundaries.   

Step 3:
Use the ID menu buttons to highlight important items on the map before printout. For example you can highlight a few street names, points, or add information with arrow pointers.

Note that each click automatically clears the last highlighted feature. However if you CTRL click, you can highlight as many features as needed.

Step 4:
You can also add text to bottom of each printout.

Below the ID buttons you will find an "Information" box (similar to a 
Notepad). When you click on the map, this area automatically displays data about the feature. You can also click on the information box and edit or add other text before printing.  

Step 5:
Use the PRINT SETUP menu to select the printer and style of printout. This menu usually has provisions to print the map horizontally or vertically on the paper.   

Step 6:
Print the Map


































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