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Friday, February 10, 2017
 Automated Business Solutions has released a new appointment reminder system that is fully integrated with their PtMS Mobile scheduling software.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
 GATRA teamed up with ABS to develop Ride Match, a web based tool that provides access to information about transportation options for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and anyone needing to travel in Massachusetts and beyond.

Sunday, January 15, 2017
 PtMS Mobile can now connect PtMS dispatch, scheduling and billing functions to mobile Android phones or tablet devices in the vehicles.

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PtMS for Windows Guided Tour

PtMS for Windows Guided Tour Outline

This guided tour includes links to PtMS videos and slide shows that will demonstrate specific features and capabilities of the PtMS for Windows paratransit software system.  Note that videos require sound.

  • Paratransit Software product requirements
  • Scheduling Basics
  • Automated Demand Response Scheduling
  • Group Trip Scheduling
  • Deviated Fixed Route Scheduling
  • Trip Verification
  • Reporting and Billing
  • Add on Products – PtMS Mobile, PtMS Web and PtMS Caps

Scheduling Basics

Introduction to Scheduling
Trip Booking
Fast Action Scheduling 

Automated Demand Response Scheduling

PtMS Automated Demand Response Scheduling can schedule any trip that is mapped (geocoded) in PtMS from point of origin to destination.  Both demand and standing order trips for ambulatory, wheel chair or stretcher services can use PtMS automated scheduling.

Batch Scheduling
Schedule Optimization
Schedule Sequencing
Fast Action Scheduling

Group Trip Scheduling

Group Trip Schedules can be used for repetitive group trips that are scheduled on a periodic (e.g. weekly) or non-periodic (e.g. second Tuesday of the month) basis.

For more information on group trips click here.

Deviated Fixed Route Scheduling

A deviated-fixed route service operates a bus or van along a fixed route
and/or a set of prescribed stops and keeps to a timetable, but the bus or
van can deviate from the route to go to a specific pickup or drop-off location.

For more information on deviated fixed route scheduling click here.

Report and Billing

PtMS can produce billing reports, invoices, performance management reports and many other specialized state reports such vehicle 5310 and 16B2 reports.  In additional PtMS is capable of producing Medicaid electronic claims in HIPAA 837 Professional format, Medicaid client eligibility verification batches in HIPAA 270 format, and Medicaid Prior Approval Service Authorization 278 format.

To view sample reports click here.

For a summary of PtMS reporting features click here.

For more information on reporting click here.

Trip Verification

Each schedule date is posted to the trip transactions table. This process places a copy of each scheduled trip record for the selected schedule date in the trip transaction table. These records are used to produce the billing and transaction based reports.

However, all trip transactions must be "verified" confirming their trip status as either a completed trip, cancelled trip or no show trip. In addition, some transportation providers need to report on actual trip outcome data such as fares collected, odometer readings for pickup and drop-off and actual times for pickup and drop-off. These additional trip outcome data need to be entered and attached to each trip record.

One method of doing this is to have the dispatcher record this information - actual pickup and drop-off times and trip status - as the trips are completed. Another method is to have the drivers record the data on the daily trip log or drivers vehicle manifest report. These driver sheets are then used by the PtMS user to enter the trip information using the Trip Verification screen.

Note that an alternative to Trip Verification is to use PtMS Mobile (see below) and capture this data electronic using a mobile web device in the vehicle.  The data is then transfered directly to the trip record electronically "verifying" the trip.

To view a video on Trip Verification click here.

PtMS Mobile

PtMS Mobile is an add-on product for PtMS for Windows.

PtMS Mobile connects mobile web devices such as cell phones, tablet devices or on board vehicle netbook type computer to devices to PtMS for Windows dispatchers.

PtMS Mobile allows dispatchers to send new schedules and schedule updates to drivers, and allows drivers to send schedule results back to PtMS for Windows to update vehicle tracking for dispatchers.

Dispatchers and drivers can exchange canned and text messages.

Drivers can obtain maps and driving directions for stops on their schedule.

Click here for additional information.

PtMS Web

PtMS Web is a web based extension to PtMS for Windows that connects PtMS for Windows transportation brokers or coordinators to other transportation providers via the Internet.  It allows transportation brokers or coordinators to distribute schedules and reports to providers, collect trip verification schedule results data from providers, and communicate with providers via secure web mail all in a secure HIPAA compliant web site.

PtMS Web can also be used to extend order taking services, schedule editing, dispatching and reporting features to providers allowing it to be the basis of a multiple agency or organization coordination system.

There is no limit or per user license. Once PtMS Web is implemented, brokers can connect as many providers as needed to the system.

Current PtMS Web users include Medicaid transportation brokers in multiple states providing a combined 10,000 plus trips per day.

For additional information on PtMS Web click here.

PtMS CAPS (Client Automated Phone Services)

PtMS CAPS is a key add-on product for PtMS for Windows users to help reduce the number of no show trips and cancels at the door.

PtMS CAPS can perform automated appointment reminder calls, phone messaging and notices to clients, client consumer satisfaction surveys, and automated trip confirmation surveys. PtMS CAPS can help save money and increase billable services.

For additional information on PtMS Caps click here.

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